Long has it been since I felt this empty,

This girl pranced around me,

danced around me,

pranked about me,

I took no notice.

Shorter than I but prettier,

Sweeter than I but lovelier,

Now and then, this girl, this beautiful girl,

Tug at her favorite shirt,

Scratched my arms, wrung hers around my elbows,

Took a pinch at my cheek and tapped my shoulder,

Yet I still took no notice.

She was flying away and so was I,

One last time, we slapped our hands against the other,

Bade farewell, wishing to meet where Dreams were conjured.

I beckoned all the courage in me and took no notice,

But alas, Cupid whirled that noose above his head,

Sent her with it and dragged me by my heart.

She felled me.

Her face, oh her beautiful face.
The heliophile she was, charmed the stars too,

The Nearest sent her gifts everyday,
Rays that darted through the clouds,

Maneuvered around the Californian urban,

Bounced off the scanty foliage,

Sat at the window pane.

Waiting for her tiny eyes to open, they stay put,

Lest they hurt the most wonderful woman they ever saw.

They beseeched her to let them kiss her lips,

And as she let her bangs loose,

The silky strands of her hair fell over her beautiful nose,

And the rays cavorted across the bed

Hugged her around the tresses,

And warmly trod over the cracks of her morning lips.

The day was beautiful,

Her presence embellished the vista of her country house

But, no one knew what destiny had in store that day.

She pandiculated and yawned,

And felt something amiss

Only to realize she had lost a piece dear,

She fell to her knees in search

My love, she fell to her knees,

She swept the floors with her soft hands,

Hurting her were the shards of dreams, broken,

She hurtled herself into the abyss of sinners,

Sinners who never made it big,

Sinners who never fought those that disparaged,

Sinners who succumbed to the pains of life,
Sinners who shackled themselves to chains of mundane,

Little did she know, she was not in the wrong…

I was.

A leech in her bloodstream,

A louse amidst strands of ambitions,

A mosquito, who was sucking her pulse,

I seek redemption, oh Lord,

For the blood that I’ve taken,

The purest I have known.

She was my all,

She was my thangam,

She was my all,

My first true love,

She was my all,