Shopping and Fitness

I forgot to write my journal yesterday but I really did want to write but I’m not going to lie that I was lazy to do it. Nonetheless, few things for today.

I got a new suit from Raymond’s. It cost my father a bomb but I’m sure with the dapper looks I’ll be able to land a decent enough job to pay it back to my old man. Some of my friends are very well off and they can afford to throw money around carelessly. But I am from a moderate income family and I need to bear that in mind when it comes to expenditure. That aside, the suit looks good and fits just right. I’m sure I would throw a few recruiters off guard with my stunning looks.

Self flattery can be reserved for another time. I have only 16 days to fly to the US. That’s a very short time. I have bought my things and most of the shopping has been completed. I only wish I had more time, but when haven’t we wished so. So far, I have got myself three tees, two shirts, two Levi’s jeans, one Converse sneakers, two Chino shorts and a wonderful pair of cargo trouser shorts from M&S. I shall post my entire shopping list plus whatever I carry in a separate post.

Next on the list is the thing about fitness. I am nowhere near fit and my food habits are as poor as my flirting skills, of which I shall talk about in a later time. Anyway, fitness… I am a lazy person, a very hungry person. I am lazy when I am hungry and I am hungry when I am lazy and laziness and perpetual hunger is a very dangerous combination resulting in the manufacture of flabby, blubbery tyres around the waist resulting in no sex and very smelly aura around the person. My diet is haphazard and there is lot of added sugar intake. Starting from today, I am going to consciously avoid products with added sugar. Of course it is going to be difficult to let go of it, it is going to be as hard as taking your eyes off a hot woman’s breasts, but yes, one must expend extra energy to stay off from the silent evil. Here’s FDA’s official report on what added sugars are and where they can be found in day-to-day diets. Things as simple as yogurt and whole milk contain so much empty calories, they often do not give you energy but sneak into your buttocks, waists and the f—ing thighs and scream “I can’t f—ing enter into your f—ing pencil-fit jeans!” and FFS you were a 34 already and you were wearing comfort fit, let alone slim fit.

I run daily. A lot. I run 7-8 km and walk a couple of kilometers. But is it enough? Do I burn enough to lose weight or lose the f—ing fat around my belly? I am not too sure, so I did a quick Google search. I have not been eating clean — that is, I have been eating a lot of fried junk and items with a lot of added sugars. You can read about empty calories in this another FDA report.

Something other than just added sugars and empty calories that has been worrying me is the fact that in the US the portions are much larger and my appetite would naturally increase which is not a good thing. Anyway, here’s to a great week and a lovely fortnight ahead to the beginning of Fall.


Cheers. Until the next time I sit to write the journal.


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